Buffalo Exchange Morphs into Buffalo Outlet

Hey all you ‘Cullough fashionistas out there!
I routinely pass by the Buffalo Exchange on Olmos on my Sunday trips to HEB. You know Buffalo Exchange… the used clothing store where you can buy/sell/trade designer/high-ish quality clothes, shoes, and accessories. Every ‘Cullough fashionista knows about Buffalo Ex. 

But this past Sunday the Buffalo looked a little different.
“Buffalo Outlet”?

What does this mean? What’s going on? How can BuffEx have an outlet store when it doesn’t even make its own clothes……isn’t it kind of already an outlet store? An outlet for someone’s old, cool clothes?

So I investigated on the Google,

And found this press release:

“Buffalo Exchange has announced it will convert its existing San Antonio location into a Buffalo Outlet in December, 2013….Buffalo Outlet will offer used and new fashions for $7 or less, including markdowns from Buffalo Exchange stores nationwide.”


So $7 or less is pretty cheap. BUT what sorts of rejected clothes end up at the Buffalo Outlet. Think about all the items you roll your eyes at when shopping at the normal BuffEx? I’m imagining Lacoste polos only in throw-up green color and tons of bedazzled jeans.

“…including markdowns from Buffalo Exchange stores nationwide.” —–So does this mean we are receiving the rest of the country’s rejects? I don’t know whether to feel offended or excited. We get the last pick of all of the BuffaloEx inventory in the whole United States!!! Glass half empty? Glass half full? Buffalo half slain? Buffalo half alive?

I will have to drop in and see for myself. You should, too! buffalo2

Has our beloved BE downgraded so hard that we can’t shop their any more? Or will $7 or less make Buffalo Outlet THE place to get seXXXy for new year’s eve and still have $$$ left over for breakfast tacos the next morning?


Utilitarianism, Jack-Hammers, and My Orange Duvet

When I saw flashing lights outside my bed room window at approximately 7:35 PM Tuesday night, I had to investigate.

No, it wasn’t a police car. It appeared to be some sort of block-traffic vehicle. Some construction workers were doing something to McCullough, maybe 30 yards from our house. Cute, I thought, with their lights and neon vests. I bet they are cold.

They were innocent enough, not making too much noise. I took this video:

Roy and I even did a drive by to check out the action. Just a couple of bro construction workers digging a hole or something. Nothing too outrageous for a Tuesday.

Fast forward a few hours and I’m snuggled in my bed at about 10:01 PM. The flashing vehicle is still there, and there are some construction noises happening, but I wasn’t bothered by them. It was a steady humming sound, kind of like a sound machine that helps put you to bed. Kind of like waves of the ocean. How lovely, I thought , as I drifted off to dream world.

How naive I was…..

I was shocked back awake at about 11:45PM to the sound of JACKHAMMERING happening in what sounded like MY BEDROOM. Hardly believing this could be happening, I knew it had to be those construction bros. It was like they were literally JACKHAMMERING INTO THE STREET. Because, well, I think that’s what they were doing. At 11:45PM. On a Tuesday night.

Now I know ‘the ‘Cullough area is no residential oasis like Alamo Heights. But people LIVE on ‘the ‘Coullough (HIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!). You can’t just decide to jackhammer in front of someone’s house at night like that. I get that they were trying to avoid shutting down McCullough during the day for fear of traffic. But what about fear of WAKING UP A SLEEPING CHILD (ME! HI!). My alarm was set for 5AM. I was panicked.

My mind was racing. Did Roy hear this? I didn’t want to leave the warmth of my bed, so I considered texting her. But didn’t. I considered tweeting at Diego Bernal, my faithful councilman. But I didn’t know what good that would do at this point. And I really wanted to focus on trying to fall back asleep. Hint: a duvet + a Heart of the Hills Camp for Girls knit blanket over your head will not block out the sound of JACK-HAMMERING.  Especially if it’s happening 20 yards from your bed.


Eventually it stopped sometime after midnight…I didn’t check the clock because I knew it would stress me out. And low and behold I woke up at 5AM feeling okay physically as I always do. Because I’m not a quitter. (Mentally I was still pissed)

John Stuart Mill just loves utilitarianism.

I find this whole situation very interesting. I often subscribe to the utilitarian philosophy that whatever provides the most good for the most people is an acceptable choice. Let’s go with the premise that this spot of McCullough needed immediate attention. Would shutting down a small section of McCullough for a few hours during the day have wrecked havoc on more people then people who’s sleep would have been ruined by the night time terrorizing? If so, then theoretically I should be OK with getting woken up because this is the choice that is the best for the largest group of people.

But being a human, I have to take my wants/needs into consideration.

What do you think? Should I be sacrificing my comfort for the good of the City? Or is it reasonable to ask decision-makers to jackhammer in the early afternoon? Or after the surrounding schools are out?

–x0x0x your everyday martyr

RIP Tenacious Tree: An Ode and Some Implications

It seems like only yesterday I was giving thanks for this tenacious tree that was holding on to life on the shores of the ‘Cullough.
It was actually Monday.

So imagine my surprise and sorrow when I was greeted by this as I left for work this morning:
notreeI guess LANDLORD or some other vigilante decided that time was up for the floppy-leafed tree.
All we have left is a stump:
stumpOh, you blunt stump! You look peaceful there among the foliage  Who hacked off your branches and big green leaves? Was it LL? Surely not the Guidos—that would be too much to bear.

And to think I likened myself to that tenacious tree on Monday’s post. Is this an omen? Has my fate been interwoven with that of the butchered tree? Is the end near for me?

If so, I accept my fate with my head held high. I am not one to quarrel with destiny.

I may not be here tomorrow, friends.

If a Thursday evening is when I meet my end, I’d better march to Panchitos to go out with a bang.

The Laundry Games


Keep your friends anonymous and your enemies anonymouser.

Tuesday morning came and I realized I was almost out of my top underwear and workout clothes. Also my favorite flannel smelled like the Caverns of Senora and my new scarf from Boysville may or may not have been purchased with a throw-up-like-substance on it. Naturally, it was time for laundry.

After work, I rolled up to my usual joint, Olmos Park Wash and Fold, THE laundry destination on The ‘Cullough. I whipped out my supplies and began to get er done.

Then the waiting.laundryINST

Bored with my People Magazine from 1997 and waiting for my turn on all of my games of Words With Friends (ADD ME: WOOF777), I decided to write beautiful poetry.

Specifically, “found” poetry. I challenged myself to write three haiku poems containing only words I could see from where I was sitting at the Laundromat. Without further ado, here’s what I found:

Olmos Wash and Fold: A Haiku Progression

Heavy soil, rinse
Absolutely no running
shirts and shoes be worn

Ready to unload
playing in the laundromat
extra rinse, cold, hot

For a better wash:
Gatorade, Cheetos, change, drain
Sit back and relax


Time flies when you’re writing haikus, and before I knew it, my clothes were dry.
And I didn’t even have to think of a single word myself. lAzY wRiTeRs PaRadIcE.

Now, I’ll leave you with this song by a childhood favorite of mine, Hoku (not to be confused with the Japanese poetic form, Haiku).

Giving Thanks on the ‘Cullough: A Personal Top 5 List

I know many of us are OVER thanksgiving and all her bounty. But since Life On The ‘Cullough has been a little sparse these days, I thought it would be nice to kick off the holiday season by giving thanks to a few things that make our hood grand.

This list is subjective; feel free to add something you’re especially thankful for that’s related to the ‘Cullough. 


1. Main Street Pizza is back in business.  Reasonably priced, walkable, throw-(way)back jamz—God bless you, Main Street, may you never catch on fire again.


2. Quiet(er) Guidos. While they still appear every morning like clock work, the Guidos’ tasks lately have been a lot more serene. Basically they seem to just be looking at things and climbing in and out of the building they’ve almost built.
guiddec3. This tree. It’s hanging on but it’s bound to fall over soon. I’m thankful for its tenacity. 


I really relate to this tree right now.

4. Panchitos.
5. US Postal Service. The other day, they actually stuffed a book I had ordered online into my mailbox instead of holding it captive at their HQ as they usually do. Blessed to not have to wait till Saturday morning to go retrieve it from their lair.
There you have it—I nailed it.

or did I? What did I miss?