For a quick Panchitos fix, visit the “Food to Go” room

I’m about to tell you something that if you didn’t already know, may be dangerous knowledge.

Did you know Panchitos does carry out AKA food to go?

They definitely don’t advertise it. I thoroughly searched their website and couldn’t find anything about it.

I have to say, for me, 75% of the Panchitos experience is being AT Panchitos and soaking up the Panchy atmosphere. BUT sometimes you crave the food. And when you crave the food (and you’re alone), you might just want to take it home.

I only knew the Food to Go room existed because in the past 6 months or so a door has appeared at the back end of the restaurant.

Not unlike the Room of Requirement in Harry Potter, I’m pretty sure this door is visible to only those who truly need it.

And Sunday night I truly needed it.

I needed a poco de mexico in the worst way.
So I made the call. After ordering, the girl on the other end just said OK bye. So I figured, it’s just a poco de mexico, how long can it take to make? I’ll head over right now.

I’m glad I did so I could spend a few minutes in that sacred “Food to Go” room.
Check out that poster-size menu!!
Here is the view from behind the counter. The Food to Go room is tucked away just to the side of the kitchen. I could feel the happy vibes coming from inside the dining room.
Who made that poster and where can I get one?

I paid then waited for approximately 3 minutes and then my to-go poco was brought out and I HIT IT so I could get home and EAT!

Obviously the presentation isn’t amazing. I mean they have to cram a little bit of ALL of Mexico in there. Please note the bucket of queso. I was so happy. I also was given two small containers of salsa. yAy!

And done.
I really tried to make a dent in that queso but I was running out of things to dip.

Sorry I’m not sorry that I just shared how quick and easy it is to get your Panchitos fix and eat it in the luxury of your own home.

Now the one outstanding question is this: Can you get 2$ margaritas to go and how many are you allowed and if I brought my own seal-able plastic bag could I put the glass in or just pour the marg straight in the bag and if I return the glass can I knock a dollar off of the price like they do at the cold press juice stores?



Rumor Confirmed: Spicy Panchitos Marg Is Real

As promised, I braved the recent wintery mix to confirm or deny the rumor that Panchitos is now offering a jalapeno margarita.

I took to the ‘Cullough streets Friday night, because I could NOT wait any longer to find out the truth.  Speaking of truths, here’s one: I have never been to Panchitos on a Friday night.
LET ME TELL YOU. Panchitos was in her element. There was a 30 minute wait, but luckily they have expanded their lobby seating aka they are rolling 3 rows deep in chairs against the wall.

I’m sorry that people are so jealous of me… but I can’t help it that I’m so popular, said Gretchen Wieners Panchitos.

Hello Friday mariachis and lots of people celebrating birthdays!

I know I was there for the spicy marg, but seeing as I had never been to Panch on a Friday night and we had a 30 minute wait after all, my trusty accomplice and I ordered Friday’s drink special, the mythical pain killer, to start off the night.

That thing was a beast of pineapple, liquor, and a caramel rim covered in shredded coconut.  Did you know you can choose to have it frozen or on the rocks. I chose rocks. My pain was killed. Immediately.

We sat down with our pain killing goblets and mingled with the high-spirited Friday Panchers as we waited. We met one man who we swapped “why we love San Antonio” stories with. Luckily, as that conversation got weirder and more intrusive, our name was called.

Now down to business: spicy marg.

I turned quickly to the beverages page on the menu and there she was.

Confession: I do not remember the drink’s actual name. Maybe shouldn’t have started off with that painkiller… I don’t know.

I DO know that the name was definitely NOT called “Spicy Margarita” or “Jalapeno Margarita.” It was something sillier, like “Burning Margarita” or “Sizzlin’ Margarita.” What’s in a name? That which we call a marg by any other name would taste as sweet.
And i loved it.

The kick was certainly there! AND I guess because of the spicy kick, they made the marg sweeter than I usually like them. But because of the spicy, it worked for me.

AND there’s an actual jalapeno slice in there! What.
All to say, we got patron shots after to celebrate how good it was.

Spicy Margarita At Panchitos: Rumor Confirmed. 

Gossip Folks

Do you hear that? It’s the soft whispers of rumors delicately floating around the ‘Cullough.

Rumor 1: Jalapeno Margarita at Panchitos
If you’ve been to a bar lately, you know spicy drinks are a thing. I even dabbled in making my own habenero infused vodka a year ago (it was awesome, mix it with cucumber vodka and die with good feels).
But I never thought Panchitos would attempt to follow this trendy trend.
As this is just a rumor, I haven’t seen or tasted this margarita, but my source (thanks, Frohoho) said that it was pretty good and they even do some sort of chili powder rim.
Don’t expect this marg to be a classic Panchy $2. Rumor has it that the jalapeno margarita clocks in at around $7, which is pretty standard anywhere else.

This is a rumor I hope to confirm within 7 days.

Rumor 2: It’s going to snow tomorrow
Those are snowflakes for Friday’s picture, people! Snow day Snow day Snow day Snow day Snow day Snow day Snow day Snow day Snow day!
All the seasons in one week. We are so lucky, San Antonio!
Companion rumor: Sunday is sunny and 75.

Rumor 3: Patty Mills like coffee
Yes, it’s been confirmed  that Spurs guard Patty Mills may like to drink coffee.
He was spotted at Local Coffee’s Pearl location last weekend(thanks again, Froyoyoha). His beverage of choice was unknown, but it’s likely it was some sort of coffee drink. They do have chai tea at Local but he doesn’t seem like the type.

If anyone has any information about any of the rumors listed above, feel free to share! There is nothing I like more than a little hot ‘Cullough goss!
Except for maybe this song and video:

RIP Tenacious Tree: An Ode and Some Implications

It seems like only yesterday I was giving thanks for this tenacious tree that was holding on to life on the shores of the ‘Cullough.
It was actually Monday.

So imagine my surprise and sorrow when I was greeted by this as I left for work this morning:
notreeI guess LANDLORD or some other vigilante decided that time was up for the floppy-leafed tree.
All we have left is a stump:
stumpOh, you blunt stump! You look peaceful there among the foliage  Who hacked off your branches and big green leaves? Was it LL? Surely not the Guidos—that would be too much to bear.

And to think I likened myself to that tenacious tree on Monday’s post. Is this an omen? Has my fate been interwoven with that of the butchered tree? Is the end near for me?

If so, I accept my fate with my head held high. I am not one to quarrel with destiny.

I may not be here tomorrow, friends.

If a Thursday evening is when I meet my end, I’d better march to Panchitos to go out with a bang.

Giving Thanks on the ‘Cullough: A Personal Top 5 List

I know many of us are OVER thanksgiving and all her bounty. But since Life On The ‘Cullough has been a little sparse these days, I thought it would be nice to kick off the holiday season by giving thanks to a few things that make our hood grand.

This list is subjective; feel free to add something you’re especially thankful for that’s related to the ‘Cullough. 


1. Main Street Pizza is back in business.  Reasonably priced, walkable, throw-(way)back jamz—God bless you, Main Street, may you never catch on fire again.


2. Quiet(er) Guidos. While they still appear every morning like clock work, the Guidos’ tasks lately have been a lot more serene. Basically they seem to just be looking at things and climbing in and out of the building they’ve almost built.
guiddec3. This tree. It’s hanging on but it’s bound to fall over soon. I’m thankful for its tenacity. 


I really relate to this tree right now.

4. Panchitos.
5. US Postal Service. The other day, they actually stuffed a book I had ordered online into my mailbox instead of holding it captive at their HQ as they usually do. Blessed to not have to wait till Saturday morning to go retrieve it from their lair.
There you have it—I nailed it.

or did I? What did I miss?

7 reasons you should ‘like’ Panchitos’s on Facebook

Today, I’d like to tell you why it’s a good investment to ‘like’ our beloved Panchito’s on Facebook.

Better yet, allow me to show AND tell:

Reason #1: You get a stream of Panch food pics all day. 


Reason #2: Get inspired by worldly wisdomPanchitosfb3Reason #3: Do you like to dress up your pets? So does Panchito’s
Panchitosfb4Reason #4: Panchitos likes Bon Jovi
Panchitosfb5Reason #5: You get to enjoy kids (who say the darnedest things)*** without actually having to be around them.
Reason #6: You can get scared by this violent-looking drink at least once a week. It looks so pokey. It’s on my bucket list.
Reason #7: You can impress your dad with all the borderline offensive jokes you’ll learn. Great ammo for the upcoming holidays.

In my professional opinion, if you enjoy Panchitos in person, it behooves you to ‘like’ Panchitos on Facebook.

Happy Friday!

***Remember that show with Bill Cosby, “Kids Say the Darnedest Things”??? Wow. wow wow wow. Good-bye productivity. 

What counts as “labor” anyways?


The ‘Cullough saw a bunch of good stuff throughout this long (t)weekend, both within her streets and a few blocks away. Items included:

a CLAM at Barbaro. Yeah I ate it, yeah it was good

a CLAM at Barbaro. Yeah I ate it, yeah it was good

BLIZZARD cake came to celebrate a special birthday on the 'Cullough!

BLIZZARD cake came to celebrate a special birthday on the ‘Cullough!

PANCHITOS was visited. This may warrant a whole other post...

PANCHITOS was visited. This may warrant a whole other post…

Shaved ice at SA Pops did not disappoint! That’s orange/pina colada and blue coconut

UT game at Flats. College football is here again....let's get culty y'all!

UT game at Flats. College football is here again….let’s get culty y’all!

A breakfast taco from the one and only Regio's. Still open on Sundays now

A breakfast taco from the one and only Regio’s. Still open on Sundays now

I did not labor too much on labor day, not too much

I did not labor too much on labor day, not too much

The State of Panchitos Address

Obviously after yesterday’s post I had to break my 2 month (ish) hiatus and descend on Panchitos last night. So Cake and I hit it up.


A pleasing sight, and a sassy shoulder.

I’d now like to give a brief update on the state of the restaurant.

The State of Panchitos

  • The state of Panchitos is strong
  • It’s still hoppin’. We had to wait like 30+ min before we got sat. I see this as a positive.
  • The glasses are smaller. At first I was outraged, but then we realized that the other ones were indeed pretty heavy and made of a lot of excess glass. So maybe the amount of marg inside the glass didn’t change, just a slimmer glass. After drinking one, I didn’t sense that it was less normal.
  • The new musical entertainment (Albert) is quite a grab bag. One minute he was playing a crowd-participatory La Vaca (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and the next minute he was wailing out an instrumental-only version of “Hit Me Baby One More Time” on his keyboard. Mixed feelings about this.
  • The food was exactly as expected. You know what we got…


All in all, it was a great visit. We’ve decided we need Panchitos back in our lives, maybe once a month or so. After all, it is the only place of it’s kind on the ‘Cullough. And when the weather is less like someone’s hot breath, it’d be nice to walk there from home.

Ode to Dear Panchitos

It being Thursday, it’s only fitting that I celebrate you, my dear Panchitos.

I remember our first meeting, yes I do.

JLo and I visited in 2010, hoping to sneak in some margaritas underage (wow, I know, we are speaking truths today, y’all). We tried, you asked for our IDs, we fumbled for excuses and ended up ordering diet Coke.

But that’s not all we ordered.

In our shame, we felt obligated to order some food, and that, my friend, was the first night I ever experienced POCO DE MEXICO aka 2 quesadillas, 2 flautas, 2 beef empanadas, a ‘lil guacamole, and one small bowl of queso. The perfect combo. A little bit of Mexico, indeed.


Fast forward two years and we are all of legal drinking age and we visit you every Thursday, Panchitos, for your two dollar margarita extravaganza. I was drunk on you, Panchitos, on your throngs of followers, the smells of beef and onion, the sizzle of fajitas passing by, the hypnotic lyrics “MOO la vaca….MOO la vaca.” We were all “looking for food” as your keyboardist so eloquently put it. And we found it.

Legends were born within your walls, Panchitos. The mythical 6th margarita, the timeless debate of frozen or on the rocks, the age-old prelude: “That one time at Panchitos when…..”

These days, we aren’t as good at keeping in touch, Panchitos. It’s no one’s fault, we are just in different places in our lives. We even live on the same street now. BUT I still smile fondly at you when I pass by. And yes, I’ve been known to visit now and then. But the music has changed. And now I have work in the morning.

Panchys, Panchuchus, Panchachos: Here’s to you; may your margs always be 2 dollars on Thursdays and may your plates always be filled with love.