Ready for something new?

Remember this place?

Are you tired of climbing the corporate ladder? Is “keeping up with the Jones’s” got you worn out? Do you crave a job where your passion and creativity are rewarded, not stifled?



Non-traditional hours, conveniently located right off of the ‘Cullough, the Shaved Ice Stand at HEB is looking for happy hands to shave some ice and pour some sugary syrup.

Who needs health benefits when you have easy access to the first-aid aisle at HEB?

Imagine all the cooky concoctions you can create during the slow hours! Coconut bubble gum! Blue raspberry root beer! And don’t forget the recipe inspiration you can find inside HEB (think: deli ham strawberry, mustard cherry, black beans and pineapple).

Whether you’re ready to launch the career of your dreams, or just looking to make a little extra cash after school, working at the Shaved Ice Stand at HEB would be a rewarding way to give back to the ‘Cullough community, one cup of ice at a time.


Dog days



When I woke up to the lulling sounds of raindrops on the ‘Cullough this morning….all I wanted to do was this:Dachshund_Greta_on_bed



Some how I rallied and went to work and feel like this:



The Guidos were working hard already; they looked pretty wet.

Take a walk on the wild side

Spent a masterfully mellow evening with the gals at TBA last night.

The weird construction on St. Marys made our walk to TBA essentially car-less, so we were able to strut it out down the middle of the street. Werk it.tba

They’ve got a new cocktail menu as of last night, so if you or someone you love haven’t been to TBA yet, this weekend may be your weekend. Cocktails not your thing? Booo, but OK. They still have $2.50 Lonestar and PBR. Or you can splurge on a Tecate. Pretty sure they’d make you whatever your blessed heart desires. WERK it!

Per a convo we had last night….let this song thrust you into the weekend:

Summer forever


I hope people are taking advantage of the shaved ice peeps that have been posted up at the HEB on Olmos.shavedice1

Not sure why they have appeared now…at the “end” of summer…but I hate myself for not going yet.



Cash only. That’s why I didn’t get one.

Seriously…shaved ice the best. Especially when you add a lil something extra into your styrofoam cup, ifyouknowwhatImean..(wow too early for that song…hi Thursday)

Spotted (barely): wild animals


It was a quiet Sunday evening. My two companions and I were returning from a triumphant fro-yo trip. As we continued down McCullough back to the house, IT happened.

Spotted (barely): wild animals.

This is what happened:


Isn’t the ‘Cullough beautiful at night?

Two creatures (as pictured above) flew across the street, tousling  The fight looked serious. What kind of animals they were…no one is sure. I said raccoons,  Roy thought bunnies. Whatever members of the animal kingdom they were, they were not singing kum ba ya.

People of the ‘Cullough: beware of these tousling animals. Luckily they were moving so quickly that my car (as pictured above) was not in danger of hitting them. All we could do was yell and then they were gone, continuing their death match in darkness.

Fluffy baby pancakes tell sandwich bread to “Get lost!”


A good breakfast sandwich can really hit the spot. I love them because they combine all the great breakfast stars—eggs, meat, cheese, regret—into a few (depending on the size of your mouth and the sandwich) terrific bites.

Well, at The Bharmacy, they’ve thrown all their chips on the table.

Officially named ” Robin’s Rx Breakfast Slider”, this treasure has got your over medium egg, your sausage patty, your sliced ham, your bacon strips, and your cheese all sandwiched between not toast, not a bagel, not an English muffin, not a biscuit, not a roll, not a waffle, not a rat, but 2 petite, fluffy silver dollar pancakes. MmMmMmMmMm


Note the signature Rx on the top of the pancake

So I actually didn’t order them (I was too intimidated, I got an omelet) but my friend did and said they were glorious. He even had the brilliant idea to do some syrup dunking as evidenced by the picture above. You can order one or two. Choose wisely. I’ll be ordering them next time I stumble over to The Bharmacy for breakfast.

Just look at the fluff on those pancakes. I have been posting a lot about food lately. As they say in the Bible:

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

Happy Friday!

Barbaro: You Should Go

Saturday night I finally made the “trek” to Barbaro.


The Revolver, it was called


We had to wait a little…which was inevitable. It was Saturday night, after all. So we got drinks at the bar and headed down into this cozy little maybe-waiting-isn’t-so-bad area.

My drink was a mix of bourbon, Kahlua  and orange bitters. It was fantastic. Let’s all agree to put Kahlua on everything always. I think Kahlua in oatmeal would be really good. This is a real thought.


Time to sit down! We got a pitcher of beer (pretty reasonably priced!) for the four of us to share. Normally I don’t do pizza and beer together because this town ain’t big enough for the 3 of us…but I made an exception and wasn’t sorry.



We got two pizzas. I took a picture of the prettier of the two (although they were both pretty). This one is all veggies: squash, eggplant….cheese! I don’t remember what else was on it but it was GREAT! And the pizza crust, as you can see, had a really solid ratio of crunchy to chewy. I love pizza, and I do get skeptical at hip places that make pizza, but the pizzas did not disappoint at Barbaro. Next time I’m going for the kale, hash browns  and honey one. Because you only live once, ya’ll.

So the four of us split a pitcher of beer, a small appetizer of roasted cauliflower and other goodies, and two pizzas. No over was over-stuffed and no one was hungry. Perfect amount.

From the very impressive looking bar, to the unexpectedly cute maybe-waiting-isn’t-so-bad area, to the super friendly and laid-back staff, to the delicious food, my expectations were met AND exceeded!


Nigel thoroughly enjoyed himself. We had to cut him off after he started pouring his Kahlua drink on his pizza slice


Meet and Treat at Beat Street

Caffeine is a hell of a drug


This morning I finally got my act together enough to try Beat Street Coffee on Main on my way to work.

The hood as been badly needing a coffee place like this. Candlelight is just a little too far for the on-a-whim coffee dash from my place. I know, I’m being picky, but whatever.

They serve lunch and dinner and beer/wine, too, and some breakfast foods. I spied a quiche that looked good and some pre-packaged fancy oatmeal. The friendly gal behind the counter said that lunch is their busiest time right now.


That corner booth is calling my name for next time

I popped in this morning about 7:30 and I was the only customer (not surprising, 7:30 is a little rough on a Friday, or any day). Because I don’t usually like ordering normal coffee at coffee places because I can make it at home, I opted for an old friend I hadn’t had since my Italian hiatus: ESPRESSO!

GUUUUURL it was so good, I had forgotten what that bright, bitter love liquid was all about.



Since when I woke up I wasn’t sure if I’d have time to stop by Beat Street, I went ahead and made coffee at home. So my espresso loveliquid had been preceded by TWO George Washington mugs full of coffee. Needless to say…


I took the stairs, instead of the elevator, to the 10th floor in hopes that it would balance out my sudden ABUNDANCE OF ENERGY!



Happy Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!