The Juice is Loose

I finally made it over to Urth Juice Bar, the juiciest place on the ‘Cullough.

Housed in the same shopping nook as Olmos Perk and Ya Ya’s, URTH feels like your cool artist friend’s garage studio if that studio also had blenders.urth1

I love me some green juice, so I opted for Grassy Knoll, a refreshing mix of ginger, apple, parsley, spinach, cucumber, and kale. Now I know what you’re thinking. GRASSY KNOLL-JFK-OMG. I’ll be honest—drinking assassination juice made me anxious. But after the juice was all consumed, I was neither assassinated nor felt urges to assassinate  So I think it’s OK.  

My colleague got a smoothie, the Bada-Bing, which is a combo of banana, yogurt, flax seed, blueberries, honey, and almond milk. According to the website, the Bada-Bing helps hemoglobin function. No word on how that’s going for him. I probably should have gotten that one because my hemoglobin is ALWAYS too low to give blood. Womp womp.urth2

One warning about Urth: the juice is already pressed and in a bottle when you arrive. They don’t juice it on demand a la Jamba Juice. I’m no Juicy J, but I’m pretty sure this is because they cold-press their fruits and veggies, which is laborious and therefore requires Prior Planning (which Prevents Poor Performance, the 5 P’s, thanks Grandmother for that one). 

So if you’re roaming the ‘Cullough, looking for JUICE in all the wrong places, check out URTH! JUICE is pretty hot these days, so expect to spend around $7 for your drink.

Or you could just go eat some grass like some damn cow. 




Shaved Ice Stand at HEB diversifies

Baby, it’s cold outside. Ish.

What’s a mobile food vendor to do when the temperature drops and all they sell are snacks that give brain freezes?

The Shaved Ice Stand at HEB is exploring other markets…

…specifically the hot snacks market.

Of course, it seems like they still served shaved ice along with the new hot stuff. So the logical next question is….menudo-flavored shaved ice? God bless SA

7 reasons you should ‘like’ Panchitos’s on Facebook

Today, I’d like to tell you why it’s a good investment to ‘like’ our beloved Panchito’s on Facebook.

Better yet, allow me to show AND tell:

Reason #1: You get a stream of Panch food pics all day. 


Reason #2: Get inspired by worldly wisdomPanchitosfb3Reason #3: Do you like to dress up your pets? So does Panchito’s
Panchitosfb4Reason #4: Panchitos likes Bon Jovi
Panchitosfb5Reason #5: You get to enjoy kids (who say the darnedest things)*** without actually having to be around them.
Reason #6: You can get scared by this violent-looking drink at least once a week. It looks so pokey. It’s on my bucket list.
Reason #7: You can impress your dad with all the borderline offensive jokes you’ll learn. Great ammo for the upcoming holidays.

In my professional opinion, if you enjoy Panchitos in person, it behooves you to ‘like’ Panchitos on Facebook.

Happy Friday!

***Remember that show with Bill Cosby, “Kids Say the Darnedest Things”??? Wow. wow wow wow. Good-bye productivity. 

Bus Stop Interviews: Alexus

It’s time again for Bus Stop Interviewthat thing where I visit any bus stop along the ‘Cullough and ask people what they’re doing there.
Today we meet Alexus, a straight-shooter born and raised in SA.

This interview was recorded and then transcribed. What I have below are the word-for-word highlights of our interview. How will you know it’s word-for-word? You’ll just have to trust me.

The ‘Cullough:
What is your name?
Alexus: My full name?

The ‘Cullough: You can just do your first name.
Alexus: Alexus

The ‘Cullough: So what brings you to the bus stop?
Alexus: I was just at the behavioral health center.

The ‘Cullough: Oh cool, awesome. Does your family live in San Antonio?
Alexus: Yes

The ‘Cullough: For how long?
Alexus: My whole life.

The ‘Cullough: Nice. How old are you…if I can ask?

The ‘Cullough: OK, nice. What’s there to do for 20-year-old people around here?
Alexus: I’m pregnant.

I told you she was a straight-shooter.

The ‘Cullough: Oh, cool, congratulations! Do you know boy or girl yet?
Alexus: It’s a boy.

The ‘Cullough: Do you have any name ideas?
Alexus: Jayden

The ‘Cullough: OK, I like that. Got a baby-daddy in the picture or….?
Alexus: I do better alone.

The ‘Cullough: You got family?
Alexus: Well I do but I don’t really speak to them.

The ‘Cullough: OK, cool. Well…baby Jayden. That’s awesome. OK, one more question: red sauce or white sauce on pasta?
Alexus: Red.


If you don’t know what an SIW is, it stands for Strong Independent Woman. My friend explained this to me when she gave me a flask with SIW written on it in sharpie for my 19th birthday. Right now that flask smells like either mint or bourbon. Can’t decide.

You know how I know Alexus is an SIW? First off, I learned later while we were facebook chatting that she was literally born on the ‘Cullough—at Metropolitan Methodist Hospital. The ‘Cullough doesn’t birth babies who grow up to be waffling bystanders in this life. Nope. Second, Alexus was so kind and well-spoken during our chat, in a very unassuming way. I think people will give her a second glance once they strike up a convo with her. And they’ll respect. Third, any woman, 20 or 40, who is ballzy enough to tell a perfect stranger (me) that she’s pregnant with maybe no support from the father or her family, probably is an SIW.

I’m not saying she is going to rip and roar through life without struggles or mistakes, but I think she is SIW enough to face challenges nose to nose. Only time will tell.

Cheers to the SIWs (and SIMs!!!) out there!

What Main Street Pizza did on their summer vacation

You may have seen, you may heard. In late June, a fire ravaged the ‘Cullough’s quick, go-to pizza place, Main Street Pizza. Roy and cake found out the hard way…


Photo credit: cake. And to think they walked all that way. I’m told they were weepy


Like the phoenix, MSP has risen from the ashes.

My colleagues and I visited the re-opened restaurant Saturday night to welcome her back to the hood. Cause it had been MONTHS.

The joint was jumpin’. Lot’s of hungry neighbors. We sat outside. The rain, it was a-drizzlin’.
MSP2In the words of Tegan and Sara: “Look me in the eye and tell me you don’t find me attractive….”
I can’t do that, pizza, I just can’t. You look so attractive.
Toppings fit for a ‘Cullough dweller:

Gen. Petraeus mixed it up with a calzone:

All in all, we were reminded that when you love someone, you should tell them. You never know when you won’t be able to see them for three months because of an unexpected electrical fire.

Read more about MSP’s unexpected summer adventure here! 

Bus Stop Interviews: Larry

Today kicks-off the first of a new segment on the ‘Cullough: Bus Stop Interview. This is where I visit any bus stop along the ‘Cullough and ask people what they’re doing there.

The inaugural interview took an unexpected turn, but since it brings such a fantastically human and beautiful aspect to our community, I decided I wanted to launch Bus Stop Interviews this way.

I first met Larry when I saw him sitting at the bus stop leaning on his walker full of books. He looked like an interesting fellow, so I asked him for a quick interview. He is probably in his late 60s-early 70s.

This interview was recorded and then transcribed. What I have below are the word-for-word highlights of our interview. How will you know it’s word-for-word? You’ll just have to trust me.

The ‘Cullough: What brings you to the bus stop?
Larry: I’m going out to see my son. I have an apartment and I locked my keys in the apartment and he has the extra key.

The ‘Cullough: What is the best thing that has happened to you today so far?
Larry: I had a good relationship with my ex wife. We got along real good today. I moved out of her house because she has this handy cap of collecting everything.
The ‘Cullough: Ah, a hoarder, perhaps?
Larry: Exactly. She can’t go to the grocery store without bringing back pages and pages of stuff.

At this point he got a phone call (from his son) which lasted about 5 minutes. Then we resumed.

The ‘Cullough: How long have you lived here?
Larry: I’ve lived here for about 22 years and I brought my mother down from Pennsylvania until she died about seven years ago, and we had a good time in Pennsylvania and we had a good time here….

Larry began to go on about his mother, who lived to be 94. At this point the interview gets real, quickly:

Larry: Let me tell you this; my voice may crack a minute cause of the emotions:
The day she died, I was out in the kitchen fixing her breakfast, and I brought it into the room, and she was partially blind and she was reaching up to invisible things, reaching out and smiling, reaching there and reaching there and reaching there, and it felt like the room was full of angels.

Larry got a bit emotional at this point. I stopped with the questions and just listened. Larry had been an amazing care-taker to his mother, it seems, and he does miss her.
We went on to talk about drinking, my parents, his ex wife again, church. I waited with him till his bus eventually came and he shuffled on with his walker.

I know—–I didn’t get a picture of him. That won’t be the norm. I just felt like that might have rubbed him the wrong way, he had already been so vulnerable with me, I just wanted to leave it like that. I’m not crazy, but what if my picture captured his soul and put it in my iPhone?? Not ok

Cheers to the people who make like grand!