For a quick Panchitos fix, visit the “Food to Go” room

I’m about to tell you something that if you didn’t already know, may be dangerous knowledge.

Did you know Panchitos does carry out AKA food to go?

They definitely don’t advertise it. I thoroughly searched their website and couldn’t find anything about it.

I have to say, for me, 75% of the Panchitos experience is being AT Panchitos and soaking up the Panchy atmosphere. BUT sometimes you crave the food. And when you crave the food (and you’re alone), you might just want to take it home.

I only knew the Food to Go room existed because in the past 6 months or so a door has appeared at the back end of the restaurant.

Not unlike the Room of Requirement in Harry Potter, I’m pretty sure this door is visible to only those who truly need it.

And Sunday night I truly needed it.

I needed a poco de mexico in the worst way.
So I made the call. After ordering, the girl on the other end just said OK bye. So I figured, it’s just a poco de mexico, how long can it take to make? I’ll head over right now.

I’m glad I did so I could spend a few minutes in that sacred “Food to Go” room.
Check out that poster-size menu!!
Here is the view from behind the counter. The Food to Go room is tucked away just to the side of the kitchen. I could feel the happy vibes coming from inside the dining room.
Who made that poster and where can I get one?

I paid then waited for approximately 3 minutes and then my to-go poco was brought out and I HIT IT so I could get home and EAT!

Obviously the presentation isn’t amazing. I mean they have to cram a little bit of ALL of Mexico in there. Please note the bucket of queso. I was so happy. I also was given two small containers of salsa. yAy!

And done.
I really tried to make a dent in that queso but I was running out of things to dip.

Sorry I’m not sorry that I just shared how quick and easy it is to get your Panchitos fix and eat it in the luxury of your own home.

Now the one outstanding question is this: Can you get 2$ margaritas to go and how many are you allowed and if I brought my own seal-able plastic bag could I put the glass in or just pour the marg straight in the bag and if I return the glass can I knock a dollar off of the price like they do at the cold press juice stores?



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