The Laundry Games


Keep your friends anonymous and your enemies anonymouser.

Tuesday morning came and I realized I was almost out of my top underwear and workout clothes. Also my favorite flannel smelled like the Caverns of Senora and my new scarf from Boysville may or may not have been purchased with a throw-up-like-substance on it. Naturally, it was time for laundry.

After work, I rolled up to my usual joint, Olmos Park Wash and Fold, THE laundry destination on The ‘Cullough. I whipped out my supplies and began to get er done.

Then the waiting.laundryINST

Bored with my People Magazine from 1997 and waiting for my turn on all of my games of Words With Friends (ADD ME: WOOF777), I decided to write beautiful poetry.

Specifically, “found” poetry. I challenged myself to write three haiku poems containing only words I could see from where I was sitting at the Laundromat. Without further ado, here’s what I found:

Olmos Wash and Fold: A Haiku Progression

Heavy soil, rinse
Absolutely no running
shirts and shoes be worn

Ready to unload
playing in the laundromat
extra rinse, cold, hot

For a better wash:
Gatorade, Cheetos, change, drain
Sit back and relax


Time flies when you’re writing haikus, and before I knew it, my clothes were dry.
And I didn’t even have to think of a single word myself. lAzY wRiTeRs PaRadIcE.

Now, I’ll leave you with this song by a childhood favorite of mine, Hoku (not to be confused with the Japanese poetic form, Haiku).


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