Spotted: Wiener

No, not that kind of wiener.

I was sitting on the corner, waiting for my friends to pick me up to take me to NIOSA, when I spotted this cruising down McCullough:
A mobile wiener…..
…or a wienermobile, if you will.

It turned the corner right in front of me, it’s sleek body glistening in the late afternoon sun.
Good bye, mysterious wiener, I thought, as it drifted off out of sight.
I believed I would never see the hotdog on wheels again.

Jump to the next morning, as I’m driving down my street to go to work. Guess who is parked outside a neighbor’s house?
Could we possibly have new wiener neighbors on the ‘Cullough???
Oh, the potential!!
Think of the cookouts we could have! Tons of #Wienermobile selfies! I like to imagine slowly opening the passenger side door of the wienermobile and a stampede of dachshunds just pouring out. ❤

As a friendly neighbor, I should probably go welcome them to the ‘Cullough hood and bring them a basket of buns.

I’ll keep you posted on how this progresses….till then:


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