Spotted: defiant cat

OK, I know…what’s so special about a defiant cat? Defiance is their essence.

But the little Siamese gem that hangs around the hood had some extra sass Sunday morning.

Spotted: defiant cat defiantly sitting behind my back tire.


It won’t even look at me.


But then it did.

What are you protesting, cat? You’re tired of the Guidos, too? I feel you.


“I’m over it”, the Siamese cat yawned.

(dOgS rUlE cAtS dRoOl)




P-I-Z-Z-A to the C-U-L-L-O-U-G-H

foundryBIG NEWS, YALL. According to The Current, the place that use to be The Foundry and has been lifeless for months (a year?) is about to snap back into being! With Pizza! The same people behind The Monterey in southtown are bringing their newest venture, Barbaro, to the ‘Cullough!

According to the article: “It’s on target to open the first week of August” (!!!!!!!!!)

Now, I don’t think this place is going to be like Dominos. My spidey-senses say this place will be more like Dough and less like Gattitown.

I’m excited to see if Barbaro will be just another trendy, local-food-movement-inspired pizza place a la Stella (not hatin’ just sayin’)….or something more. Let’s keep Barbaro in our prayers.

Regardless—-CAN’T WAIT TO TRY!

Or if you prefer….

Spotted: Equestrians at Flats

It was a normal Thursday night at Tycoon Flats; happy chatter filled the humid air along with the sweet, sweet sounds of guitar strings. There were babies peeping over shoulders, dogs barking at other dogs, and lots of people in scrubs.


Spotted: Young equestrians:

girlsonhorseI’d say they were ridding Western as opposed to English but I’m not totally positive.

They must be just passing through; a stop on their grueling rodeo circuit no doubt.

Every equestrian deserves a night of relaxation; I imagine these cowgirls had thrown back a few milks before this ride.

True American heroes, tamers of the Wild Wild West.


Just look at that summer sky

SA Pops Keeps Popping Up

I’ve given a vigorous head-nod to fantastic SA Pops before…

And now you should Check out Miriam’s glimpse into the life of Mr. SA Pops in The Current!


  • Simple ingredients i.e. fruit, ice, sugar
  • Rumors of hot chocolate and churros when/if it gets cold
  • The paleta molds come from Brazil, just like Gisele

Here are some pics from my first visit:

sa pops


Coconut paleta

Coconut paleta