RIP Tenacious Tree: An Ode and Some Implications

It seems like only yesterday I was giving thanks for this tenacious tree that was holding on to life on the shores of the ‘Cullough.
It was actually Monday.

So imagine my surprise and sorrow when I was greeted by this as I left for work this morning:
notreeI guess LANDLORD or some other vigilante decided that time was up for the floppy-leafed tree.
All we have left is a stump:
stumpOh, you blunt stump! You look peaceful there among the foliage  Who hacked off your branches and big green leaves? Was it LL? Surely not the Guidos—that would be too much to bear.

And to think I likened myself to that tenacious tree on Monday’s post. Is this an omen? Has my fate been interwoven with that of the butchered tree? Is the end near for me?

If so, I accept my fate with my head held high. I am not one to quarrel with destiny.

I may not be here tomorrow, friends.

If a Thursday evening is when I meet my end, I’d better march to Panchitos to go out with a bang.


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