Giving Thanks on the ‘Cullough: A Personal Top 5 List

I know many of us are OVER thanksgiving and all her bounty. But since Life On The ‘Cullough has been a little sparse these days, I thought it would be nice to kick off the holiday season by giving thanks to a few things that make our hood grand.

This list is subjective; feel free to add something you’re especially thankful for that’s related to the ‘Cullough. 


1. Main Street Pizza is back in business.  Reasonably priced, walkable, throw-(way)back jamz—God bless you, Main Street, may you never catch on fire again.


2. Quiet(er) Guidos. While they still appear every morning like clock work, the Guidos’ tasks lately have been a lot more serene. Basically they seem to just be looking at things and climbing in and out of the building they’ve almost built.
guiddec3. This tree. It’s hanging on but it’s bound to fall over soon. I’m thankful for its tenacity. 


I really relate to this tree right now.

4. Panchitos.
5. US Postal Service. The other day, they actually stuffed a book I had ordered online into my mailbox instead of holding it captive at their HQ as they usually do. Blessed to not have to wait till Saturday morning to go retrieve it from their lair.
There you have it—I nailed it.

or did I? What did I miss?


6 thoughts on “Giving Thanks on the ‘Cullough: A Personal Top 5 List

  1. I’m thankful for this post! Best one of the year thus far. As a former Cullough resident, I always look forward to your thoughtful musings. Carry on!

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  3. My heart is warmed over the Postal Service noticing they could save some time and space by tossing your book across the street.

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