Remember Taco Cabana, the girl next door

If you’ve ever been a middle school girl, you’ve taken that quiz that’s called something like “What Type of Girl are You?” Your results are usually limited to these options: The Flirt, The Tomboy, The Artist or The Girl Next Door.
The Girl Next Door is a result to never be ashamed of. In fact, I think it might be the best one out of those 4. But as we know (Drive Me Crazy, She’s All That), the girl next door often is overlooked, prowling lovers usually are enticed by The Flirt and intrigued by The Artist (sorry, Tomboy—-to be fair that’s the only result I ever got).

What I’m trying to say is Taco Cabana is like the girl next door.
Often forgotten, this regional mainstay is mostly known (in my world) for late night breakfast tacos and one of the drive-through spots that offers diet dr pepper.

But I’m asking us, open-minded ‘Cullough residents, to take TC off the bench. “Put me in coach”, Taco C said, “I’m ready to play.”

Next time you and your comrades are brainstorming places to eat or drink, why not suggest Taco C?

I know what you’re thinking: “how will I impress my friends with my SA hot spot knowledge if I don’t take them to trendy areas like the Pearl or Southtown, and hip joints like Barbaro or Cobalt Club? I’m not wearing this crop top for nothing!!!”

Well I challenge you with this: maybe Taco C IS an SA hot spot.TC1

Let’s talk about Taco C happy hour. 4-7, everyday. $1.50 (real tequila) margaritas (frozen or on the rocks), $1 domestic beers, and half price nachos! I’ll be honest, these are not lung-burningly strong margaritas. But come see me after your third.

Let’s talk about the salsa bar. It’s unlimited. So many different types of salsas, your bound to like at least one of them. AND jalapeños, cilantro, lemons (I think), onions (I think). FREE OF CHARGE GRAB AS MUCH AS YOU WANT OR CAN STUFF IN THOSE LITTLE PLASTIC CUPS MADE FOR JELLO SHOTS.

The Taco C at the corner of Hildebrand and San Pedro was buzzing with happy hour peeps last Friday at 5:30. One table of co-workers (?) were sharing a pitcher of frozen marg. Not a happy hour special but who cares it’s a pitcher of marg that was probably under $10!

Life on The Patio is nice. ‘Cullough residents are #blessed that we have a TC so close to us. And not just any TC. THE original 1978  first Taco Cabana ever. The TC that started it all.

Something else I find comforting about TC is its omnipresence. I’m driving to work, and I pass like 5 Taco Cs. This makes me happy. It’s like a piece of the ‘Cullough all over. Because I know if I was at work and got suddenly stricken with homesickness,  I could just go to the TC a few blocks away and pretend like I was at my old faithful TC on Hildebrand and San Peezy.

So next time you’re playing the “where should we go???” game, suggest Taco Cabana. Because we’ve seen enough 1990’s-early 2000’s chick flicks to know that The Girl Next Door always wins in the end.


Rumor Confirmed: Spicy Panchitos Marg Is Real

As promised, I braved the recent wintery mix to confirm or deny the rumor that Panchitos is now offering a jalapeno margarita.

I took to the ‘Cullough streets Friday night, because I could NOT wait any longer to find out the truth.  Speaking of truths, here’s one: I have never been to Panchitos on a Friday night.
LET ME TELL YOU. Panchitos was in her element. There was a 30 minute wait, but luckily they have expanded their lobby seating aka they are rolling 3 rows deep in chairs against the wall.

I’m sorry that people are so jealous of me… but I can’t help it that I’m so popular, said Gretchen Wieners Panchitos.

Hello Friday mariachis and lots of people celebrating birthdays!

I know I was there for the spicy marg, but seeing as I had never been to Panch on a Friday night and we had a 30 minute wait after all, my trusty accomplice and I ordered Friday’s drink special, the mythical pain killer, to start off the night.

That thing was a beast of pineapple, liquor, and a caramel rim covered in shredded coconut.  Did you know you can choose to have it frozen or on the rocks. I chose rocks. My pain was killed. Immediately.

We sat down with our pain killing goblets and mingled with the high-spirited Friday Panchers as we waited. We met one man who we swapped “why we love San Antonio” stories with. Luckily, as that conversation got weirder and more intrusive, our name was called.

Now down to business: spicy marg.

I turned quickly to the beverages page on the menu and there she was.

Confession: I do not remember the drink’s actual name. Maybe shouldn’t have started off with that painkiller… I don’t know.

I DO know that the name was definitely NOT called “Spicy Margarita” or “Jalapeno Margarita.” It was something sillier, like “Burning Margarita” or “Sizzlin’ Margarita.” What’s in a name? That which we call a marg by any other name would taste as sweet.
And i loved it.

The kick was certainly there! AND I guess because of the spicy kick, they made the marg sweeter than I usually like them. But because of the spicy, it worked for me.

AND there’s an actual jalapeno slice in there! What.
All to say, we got patron shots after to celebrate how good it was.

Spicy Margarita At Panchitos: Rumor Confirmed. 

Gossip Folks

Do you hear that? It’s the soft whispers of rumors delicately floating around the ‘Cullough.

Rumor 1: Jalapeno Margarita at Panchitos
If you’ve been to a bar lately, you know spicy drinks are a thing. I even dabbled in making my own habenero infused vodka a year ago (it was awesome, mix it with cucumber vodka and die with good feels).
But I never thought Panchitos would attempt to follow this trendy trend.
As this is just a rumor, I haven’t seen or tasted this margarita, but my source (thanks, Frohoho) said that it was pretty good and they even do some sort of chili powder rim.
Don’t expect this marg to be a classic Panchy $2. Rumor has it that the jalapeno margarita clocks in at around $7, which is pretty standard anywhere else.

This is a rumor I hope to confirm within 7 days.

Rumor 2: It’s going to snow tomorrow
Those are snowflakes for Friday’s picture, people! Snow day Snow day Snow day Snow day Snow day Snow day Snow day Snow day Snow day!
All the seasons in one week. We are so lucky, San Antonio!
Companion rumor: Sunday is sunny and 75.

Rumor 3: Patty Mills like coffee
Yes, it’s been confirmed  that Spurs guard Patty Mills may like to drink coffee.
He was spotted at Local Coffee’s Pearl location last weekend(thanks again, Froyoyoha). His beverage of choice was unknown, but it’s likely it was some sort of coffee drink. They do have chai tea at Local but he doesn’t seem like the type.

If anyone has any information about any of the rumors listed above, feel free to share! There is nothing I like more than a little hot ‘Cullough goss!
Except for maybe this song and video:

Cold Front Comes to the ‘Cullough, Flock to Bars for Warmth

As you may be aware, a cold front rolled on to the ‘Cullough early Wednesday morning. People were freaked. The Guidos were wearing extra layers.

Wednesday after work I planned to meet Indiana Jones for a drink. We decided to meet at Faust, a place I had only been one other time but had wanted to go back.

In a bold move, I decided to walk. I was sure to bundle up:sweaterdog

Sometime I still get lost in the inter-workings of the ‘Cullough streets, whoops. I walked down Mistletoe in stead of Woodlawn, forgetting that Faust was on Woodlawn, not Mistletoe  Don’t worry…they had signs out that directed me:

Who wouldn’t want to follow that sign?

I finally arrived. I was late, IJones was unimpressed:

So Faust has a great patio!! Which is a big draw for me. But it was COLD. So we sat inside. It being Wednesday around 6, we were almost the only ones there and could sit wherever we wanted.
Happy hour is from 4-9 on weekdays and the deals are pretty happy. $2 wells, etc etc etc I don’t remember/didn’t take a pic. They had $4.50 “jose cuervo margs” said a sign so that sounded good. I wanted a marg, so that’s what I got.

IJones has had a rough week so she got a long island ice tea which was $4. This. Girl. Is. On. Fire.

Friendly bar tender, good and resonably volumed music, creepy Spanish movie on the tv. We were feeling good. Naturally, it became time for round deux:
On the left, IJones’s cucumber margarita, on the right, my second marg.

Cucumber one tasted like a spa.

IJones got a slice of veggie pizza:
Really contemplated not using this horrible picture. But whatevs.

I’ll quote IJones: “It tasted better when I was drunk, but it’s still good.”

There you have it, folks.
I can’t wait to be rumbling around St. Marys at 2AM and remember that Faust serves pizza till 3AM and prance up to that window and get er done. IF I can make it past the taco truck by Hardbodies. That’s a big IF.

So go to Faust. That’s all.