Cold Front Comes to the ‘Cullough, Flock to Bars for Warmth

As you may be aware, a cold front rolled on to the ‘Cullough early Wednesday morning. People were freaked. The Guidos were wearing extra layers.

Wednesday after work I planned to meet Indiana Jones for a drink. We decided to meet at Faust, a place I had only been one other time but had wanted to go back.

In a bold move, I decided to walk. I was sure to bundle up:sweaterdog

Sometime I still get lost in the inter-workings of the ‘Cullough streets, whoops. I walked down Mistletoe in stead of Woodlawn, forgetting that Faust was on Woodlawn, not Mistletoe  Don’t worry…they had signs out that directed me:

Who wouldn’t want to follow that sign?

I finally arrived. I was late, IJones was unimpressed:

So Faust has a great patio!! Which is a big draw for me. But it was COLD. So we sat inside. It being Wednesday around 6, we were almost the only ones there and could sit wherever we wanted.
Happy hour is from 4-9 on weekdays and the deals are pretty happy. $2 wells, etc etc etc I don’t remember/didn’t take a pic. They had $4.50 “jose cuervo margs” said a sign so that sounded good. I wanted a marg, so that’s what I got.

IJones has had a rough week so she got a long island ice tea which was $4. This. Girl. Is. On. Fire.

Friendly bar tender, good and resonably volumed music, creepy Spanish movie on the tv. We were feeling good. Naturally, it became time for round deux:
On the left, IJones’s cucumber margarita, on the right, my second marg.

Cucumber one tasted like a spa.

IJones got a slice of veggie pizza:
Really contemplated not using this horrible picture. But whatevs.

I’ll quote IJones: “It tasted better when I was drunk, but it’s still good.”

There you have it, folks.
I can’t wait to be rumbling around St. Marys at 2AM and remember that Faust serves pizza till 3AM and prance up to that window and get er done. IF I can make it past the taco truck by Hardbodies. That’s a big IF.

So go to Faust. That’s all.


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