Remember Taco Cabana, the girl next door

If you’ve ever been a middle school girl, you’ve taken that quiz that’s called something like “What Type of Girl are You?” Your results are usually limited to these options: The Flirt, The Tomboy, The Artist or The Girl Next Door.
The Girl Next Door is a result to never be ashamed of. In fact, I think it might be the best one out of those 4. But as we know (Drive Me Crazy, She’s All That), the girl next door often is overlooked, prowling lovers usually are enticed by The Flirt and intrigued by The Artist (sorry, Tomboy—-to be fair that’s the only result I ever got).

What I’m trying to say is Taco Cabana is like the girl next door.
Often forgotten, this regional mainstay is mostly known (in my world) for late night breakfast tacos and one of the drive-through spots that offers diet dr pepper.

But I’m asking us, open-minded ‘Cullough residents, to take TC off the bench. “Put me in coach”, Taco C said, “I’m ready to play.”

Next time you and your comrades are brainstorming places to eat or drink, why not suggest Taco C?

I know what you’re thinking: “how will I impress my friends with my SA hot spot knowledge if I don’t take them to trendy areas like the Pearl or Southtown, and hip joints like Barbaro or Cobalt Club? I’m not wearing this crop top for nothing!!!”

Well I challenge you with this: maybe Taco C IS an SA hot spot.TC1

Let’s talk about Taco C happy hour. 4-7, everyday. $1.50 (real tequila) margaritas (frozen or on the rocks), $1 domestic beers, and half price nachos! I’ll be honest, these are not lung-burningly strong margaritas. But come see me after your third.

Let’s talk about the salsa bar. It’s unlimited. So many different types of salsas, your bound to like at least one of them. AND jalapeños, cilantro, lemons (I think), onions (I think). FREE OF CHARGE GRAB AS MUCH AS YOU WANT OR CAN STUFF IN THOSE LITTLE PLASTIC CUPS MADE FOR JELLO SHOTS.

The Taco C at the corner of Hildebrand and San Pedro was buzzing with happy hour peeps last Friday at 5:30. One table of co-workers (?) were sharing a pitcher of frozen marg. Not a happy hour special but who cares it’s a pitcher of marg that was probably under $10!

Life on The Patio is nice. ‘Cullough residents are #blessed that we have a TC so close to us. And not just any TC. THE original 1978  first Taco Cabana ever. The TC that started it all.

Something else I find comforting about TC is its omnipresence. I’m driving to work, and I pass like 5 Taco Cs. This makes me happy. It’s like a piece of the ‘Cullough all over. Because I know if I was at work and got suddenly stricken with homesickness,  I could just go to the TC a few blocks away and pretend like I was at my old faithful TC on Hildebrand and San Peezy.

So next time you’re playing the “where should we go???” game, suggest Taco Cabana. Because we’ve seen enough 1990’s-early 2000’s chick flicks to know that The Girl Next Door always wins in the end.