Treat yo self at Walgreens

What’s at the corner of San Pedro and Hildebrand and has snacks on snacks on snacks?
and birds love it…


Lately, I’ve been finding every excuse to hit up Walgreens. I love going there. Sunday, I needed sparkling water in the worst way, so after a nice breakfast of tacos and donuts, I forced Roy and Tabner to accompany me to Walgreens.

Coupons on coupons on coupons on CROUTONS? No just coupons no croutons.

Here’s the thing about Walgreens, friends (and it’s sister CVS ***they are one in the same to me***): Prices are better on some things, but not as a rule on everything. The real belle of the ball is the REWARD$ card (I have one for Walgreens AND one for CVS). I once got a dollar off my purchase with my REWARD$ card. Just cause I had used it enough. And a few times I’ve gotten cheaper mascara cause of my REWARD$ card.
Some fancier snacks. Isn’t it interesting that Walgreens (and CVS) have their own brands?
You have to be vigilant thought, because Walgreens will try to entice you to buy things you don’t reallllllly need. Except I do need those “Hot Buns”.
And I need these because fruit.
And I’ve been wanting a new hobby.
Have to get these.

So my basket ended up looking like this:
But I mean at least I’m getting points on my REWARD$ card.
And the delayed reward of a huge stomach ache.


Does anyone remember Eckerds?????