Spotted: Girls huddling around ice cream cooler

Spotted: 3 girls huddling around the ice cream cooler at One-Pump Valero. Also 1 boy.
Facts: It was a Monday night, about 9:30PM CST. It was approximately 39 degrees Fahrenheit outside.
Special notes: One girl in a white beanie broke from the group to get a bottle of red wine. The group settled on a half gallon of Blue Bell’s Cookies and Cream ice cream after much debate.

Why are these 3 girls and their male chaperone roaming the ‘Cullough on a weeknight? Why are they forging for ice cream and wine at One-Pump Valero?


Goat tequila, hot goss, pho, footlong

All’s quiet on the ‘Cullough front….although there are a few happenings of late.



This tequila truck was parked at one-pump Valero this morning. You can’t read it well, but it’s Cabrito Tequila, “#1 Selling Tequila in Mexico”  allegedly. My guess is it’s for the Cobalt Club. Upon further investigation, Cabrito Tequila looks pretty snazzy and if my Spanish is turned on today, I think one of their types of tequila is described as making you bite like a real vampire. I’m sold. I’ve never heard of Cabrito Tequila before but maybe I’m just last to the party.

Driving home from work yesterday, I peered into the windows at the soon-to-open Barbaro and saw a mix of people inside, young and old, that were listening to someone talk. Things are getting real. Also, it looks pretty cool inside. Here’s a little more hot goss from The Current about the new place.

Also this! Adding a lil ethnic flava to the hood. We need this. Question: What would a Vietnamese breakfast taco look like?

PS: That Subway near the Olmos circle is sooooo crowded for lunch on weekdays! OUTACONTROL

Ode to One-Pump Valero

ValeroAt first, I thought you were broken. To the casual passerby, your one lonely pump looks dejected, forlorn, and out-of-service. One single pump. This is the stuff of ghost towns long abandoned. But you’re not in a ghost town. You are at the corner of McCullough and Ashby, a mile from the heart of downtown San Antonio. The first time I used you, I was afraid.

But I had no choice. It was on the way to work and I needed gas in the worst way. So I pulled up to the pump, timidly. I got out of the car and looked at the screen on the side of the pump. It looked like it worked. Asking for God’s protection, I quickly slid my debit card through the scanner. Again, it looked like it worked. I began filling up my car, and the rest is history.

That was months ago, and now One-Pump Valero and I have become fast friends, true bosom buddies. It’s where Roy and I purchased one of Angelina Jolie’s most famous laugh-out-loud comedies, The Changeling. It’s where I go to get my day-after-spurs-win free cup of coffee. It’s where you’ll always find a full-stocked freezer of Blue Bell half-gallons AND pints. And it’s where a homeless told me he couldn’t eat apples because he had no teeth.2008_changeling_008

So here’s to you One-Pump Valero—-may your quiet solitude and full freezer always remain a beacon of hope for antsy Cobalt Club patrons and me.