Top 5 Most Romantic Places on The ‘Cullough

In case you haven’t heard, San Antonio was rated the #1 most romantic city according to The ranking is based on the amount of romantic items bought on Amazon which include things like romance novels, relationship books, romantic comedy movies, romantic music, sexual wellness products, etc. etc. etc.

You go, SA!

Here on the ‘Cullough, we’re not surprised. Romance blossoms on every corner in our neighborhood. In celebration of our new celeb status, and since it is Valentine’s Day tomorrow, here is a list of the top 5 most romantic places on the ‘Cullough. Visit them with your sweetheart and you are sure to make some memories.

1. SUBWAY- 4233 McCullough Ave.

“Do you work at subway?….cause you just gave me a foot-long”

Well, that was my favorite joke in high school. And while it may reek of adolescence, there is an odor of truth: SUBWAY is a great place to take a date.
Depending on how far down the rabbit hole you go (chips, drink, cookie..), you and your partner could leave SUBWAY for under $20. subwayAnd no one has to get bloated in the name of love. The chopped salad options are fantastic (they basically take a knife and chop up the inside of your favorite sandwich minus bread) and they offer a myriad of healthy sandwich options. Although, if you really want to impress your valentine, order the new Fritos® Chicken Enchilada Melt. That’s a sandwich that says: “Hey Valentine, I’m adventurous, ambitious, and totally self-confident. Also I’ll let you eat a few stray Fritos® that fall out while I’m eating. I love you.”

2. The Upper Deck at Joey’s- 2417 N. St. Mary’s St.

The weather forecast for V Day suggests milder temps than we’ve been having (yay!!). Why not spend a romantic evening making out with your loved one on the wooden upper deck at Joey’s?

joeys When it gets dark enough, no one can really see you. It’s just you and your lover, 2 blurry shadows melting into one. The multicolored lights will twinkle, as will your lover’s eyes as he slowly looks at you and says, “let’s go to the taco truck after this.”

Runner-up make out spot: The Make Out Room at The Mix. Just try to go in there when people aren’t kissing on that couch. Just try. 

3. The Rosemont Apartments’ Pool- 402 Holland Ave.

Nothing says romance like a refreshing dip in the Rosemont pool. (Photo credit: Roy)

This is a perfect excuse to get your honey into that string bikini or sassy speedo you’ve been dreaming about. Sure, it’s not quite swimming pool season, but if there is one thing I love, it’s jumping into pools when the water is frigid. Oh, the adrenaline! Go ahead and grab your true love’s hand as you both take the plunge.
Bring 2 towels (OR 1♥) and dry off while lounging on one of Rosemont’s pool-side recliners. Be sure you don’t pick the broken one though…nothing ruins the romantic mood more than taking a tumble from a pool-side recliner.

4. The U.S. Post Office- 2400 McCullough Ave.

I know, I know, you’re over it. But hear me out: a place where long distance lovers send their heartbreaking letters of lust and yearning. Count me in. I bet the USPS is like an interactive romance novel this time of year. If only opening mail wasn’t a federal offence….
Imagine this: You and your boo spending a nice early afternoon (they close at 5PM) rifling through other people’s love letters. I’m pretty sure Cosmo told me this would help my relationship…postoffice3

5. Anywhere Stray Cats and Dogs Are- All of McCullough Ave.

Why do we have so many stray cats and stray dogs in the hood? Because they LOVE making more stray cats and stray dogs. If you want to experience some unique ‘Cullough romance firsthand, just follow that stray chocolate lab/pitbull mix that barks at you on your run. She is probably headed to seek our her soup du jour aka dog booty call. For them, everyday is Valentine’s Day.

So whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day with pets, friends, Guidos, or  that special someone, consider checking out one of the ‘Cullough’s most romantic spots. You won’t be sorry. ♥♥♥


The Historic St. Mary’s Strip Strut

Hello big world! The ‘Cullough is back after a nice holiday break. The last few weeks on McCullough Ave can be described in a few words: Guidos, champagne, cold, baking, Guidos.

Now that you’re all caught up, let’s talk about last Friday’s adventure.

Friday, January 10th, 2014 marked the first annual historic St. Mary’s Strip Strut. You know, that thing where you and your friends walk from one end of the St. Mary’s strip to the other, stopping at all* the bars on the way.

St. Mary’s Strip Strut Official Rules:
The strip strut must be completed by a minimum of 1 person. If in a group, not every group member has to buy a drink at each bar. Also, as long as you are inside a bar for longer than 57 seconds, that counts as an official strip strut stop. * Stopping at all the bars on N. St. Mary’s is not necessarily a requirement to successfully complete the strip strut. Places that make more than approximately 50% of their profit from food items, like Tycoon Flats and Candlelight, are not required stops on the strip strut and can be visited or not at the challengers discretion. Live music venues, like White Rabbit and Limelight, are also not required stops along the strut. Challenger discretion is advised. No matter the order of the bars, more than three-fourths of your group must order and consume pickle shots at Hi Tones. No Exceptions. Individuals who do not comply with the pickle shot rule will not receive their certificate of completion. 

We arrived at our first stop, Faust, at about 9PM.
This place, as I always say, is very underrated. Our bartender semi-apologized for charging The Cake $3.50 for her gin and ginger because she wanted ginger beer and not ginger ale.  Never apologize for selling someone a mixed drink under $4. Rule number 1. Rule number 2: Faust is awesome.
I recently read an article that ranked San Antonio as the #8 least hipster city in the United States (Portland was ranked most hipster, big surprise). But I think I know where SA’s tiny (but growing?) hipster sect hangs…Faust. Plaid Plaid Plaid, y’all.

Next, we said good-bye to cheap drinks and strut over to TBA, where the prices are higher but the drinks are weirder. Bingo got a drink that combined scotch, an IPA, and something else I forgot (blood?). It was OK.
No, those aren’t my friends in the picture. But they looked fun.

TBA was busy as per usual. The lingering question remained: Why does everyone look so fancy? Did all these people come here after an event? OR is fancy the dress code here and they put blood in Bingo’s scotch + IPA drink because of his (our) violation?

Before I could really think about this too much, it was time to move on.

Next: The Mix. We stayed approximately 58 seconds. It was crowded. There was a band. It smelled like a wet towel that had fallen in the toilet. I don’t hate The Mix, but it just wasn’t our scene that night.
Hiding in the room with the pool tables, we thought about hanging out in the TV/MakeOut room, but someone was reading in there so we decided not to disturb him/her.

Next: Joey’s. Joey’s is my personal favorite. No one looks fancy. No wet towel smell. Friendly bartenders, fried food, pizza. We got drinks, met up with a few other colleagues,  and strut up to our VIP lounge to look down upon our kingdom.
Love Joey’s. I could have stayed longer but we had to complete the strip strut.

Next: Hi Tones.

Yes, there was a cover. But the sweet-talking Froha got our group in for cheaper because it was Roy’s birthday eve! Big bouncers have big hearts.

Pickle shot time!!!!! We timed it perfectly that when we all got our pickle shots, the clock had just struck midnight, ringing-in a new year of magic and adventures for Roy!
Preforming at Hi Tones was a local hip hop group, Chisme. And they were great. Heads were bobbin’. I think I even “made some noise” when they asked us to. Note to self: investigate the SA hip hop scene.

After Hi Tones, our group split up. Half went to Limelight for a bit and half strut home. I had to wake up at 7:30AM the next day so I needed to hop on that ZZZ train.

All in all, the historic St. Mary’s Strip Strut was a success. It’s always good to take the pulse of the bars in the ‘Cullough area.

As the old saying goes,
Know bars, know you. No bars, no you