Spotted: Wiener

No, not that kind of wiener.

I was sitting on the corner, waiting for my friends to pick me up to take me to NIOSA, when I spotted this cruising down McCullough:
A mobile wiener…..
…or a wienermobile, if you will.

It turned the corner right in front of me, it’s sleek body glistening in the late afternoon sun.
Good bye, mysterious wiener, I thought, as it drifted off out of sight.
I believed I would never see the hotdog on wheels again.

Jump to the next morning, as I’m driving down my street to go to work. Guess who is parked outside a neighbor’s house?
Could we possibly have new wiener neighbors on the ‘Cullough???
Oh, the potential!!
Think of the cookouts we could have! Tons of #Wienermobile selfies! I like to imagine slowly opening the passenger side door of the wienermobile and a stampede of dachshunds just pouring out. ❤

As a friendly neighbor, I should probably go welcome them to the ‘Cullough hood and bring them a basket of buns.

I’ll keep you posted on how this progresses….till then:


Spotted: Girls huddling around ice cream cooler

Spotted: 3 girls huddling around the ice cream cooler at One-Pump Valero. Also 1 boy.
Facts: It was a Monday night, about 9:30PM CST. It was approximately 39 degrees Fahrenheit outside.
Special notes: One girl in a white beanie broke from the group to get a bottle of red wine. The group settled on a half gallon of Blue Bell’s Cookies and Cream ice cream after much debate.

Why are these 3 girls and their male chaperone roaming the ‘Cullough on a weeknight? Why are they forging for ice cream and wine at One-Pump Valero?

Spotted (barely): wild animals


It was a quiet Sunday evening. My two companions and I were returning from a triumphant fro-yo trip. As we continued down McCullough back to the house, IT happened.

Spotted (barely): wild animals.

This is what happened:


Isn’t the ‘Cullough beautiful at night?

Two creatures (as pictured above) flew across the street, tousling  The fight looked serious. What kind of animals they were…no one is sure. I said raccoons,  Roy thought bunnies. Whatever members of the animal kingdom they were, they were not singing kum ba ya.

People of the ‘Cullough: beware of these tousling animals. Luckily they were moving so quickly that my car (as pictured above) was not in danger of hitting them. All we could do was yell and then they were gone, continuing their death match in darkness.

Spotted: defiant cat

OK, I know…what’s so special about a defiant cat? Defiance is their essence.

But the little Siamese gem that hangs around the hood had some extra sass Sunday morning.

Spotted: defiant cat defiantly sitting behind my back tire.


It won’t even look at me.


But then it did.

What are you protesting, cat? You’re tired of the Guidos, too? I feel you.


“I’m over it”, the Siamese cat yawned.

(dOgS rUlE cAtS dRoOl)



Spotted: Equestrians at Flats

It was a normal Thursday night at Tycoon Flats; happy chatter filled the humid air along with the sweet, sweet sounds of guitar strings. There were babies peeping over shoulders, dogs barking at other dogs, and lots of people in scrubs.


Spotted: Young equestrians:

girlsonhorseI’d say they were ridding Western as opposed to English but I’m not totally positive.

They must be just passing through; a stop on their grueling rodeo circuit no doubt.

Every equestrian deserves a night of relaxation; I imagine these cowgirls had thrown back a few milks before this ride.

True American heroes, tamers of the Wild Wild West.


Just look at that summer sky

Spotted: Man in power chair

The balcony—-the perfect perch to watch the ‘Cullough at its best. You never know when you might spot something fantastic…

…Like a rapidly moving power scooter. Saturday at about 6 p.m. a grey-bearded man in a power chair rolled down the ‘Cullough, determined. He had a basket attached to the front of his scooter. What was in it? Two small, pink, glittery lamps and a confederate flag. As he passed the intersection at Craig, he dropped an empty can of Bud Light.

Because of how fast he was powering along, I didn’t get a full-frontal shot of this man-on-a-mission. Bingo was able to capture him as he rode off into the late June heat.

















His final destination, unknown.