Jumping Rope at the Post Office

Remember when I spent a morning at the US. Post Office?

Well as it turns out, our little-slice-of-weird Post Office can be used for other purposes.

Purposes more athletic in nature.

I’ve seen boys skate boarding there after hours.

So yesterday I thought, maybe I’ll go jump rope in the parking lot. It’s after 5PM. Traffic in and out of the lot has slowed. The asphalt is a good surface to get my jump on.

So I ventured over.
And low and behold I jumped rope for about 20 minutes (not without stopping, I’m not thaaaat good. YET).

No one bothered me, no cat calls, no cats. My land lord actually stopped by my new gym to say hi while walking his 2 small “water dogs”. This is when LL dropped the bomb that he sold our house……….
BUT DON’T WORRY we don’t have to move. The new LLs seem pretty cool. I met them when they toured our house unannounced as they all do (To be fair, LL had sent a warning text THIS time but it was to Roy who was out of town, not me. He thinks we are the same person). Current LL says the new LLs were even talking about doing some repairs AKA we are about to be on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Can you imagine?

Anyways, I said bye to LL and continued jumping. No other interruptions.

Moral of the story: The Post Office can be used for more than just a sunset back drop.
I think I’ll use the Post Office gym more frequently now. We could start a group jump rope class….any takers? My mom can mail me my boom box.


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