Reconsidering Bays

Last Sunday’s meanderings brought my colleagues and I to a familiar spot: Bombay Bicycle Club (Bays).

welcome to bombay
Now, Bays for me is synonymous with debilitating anxiety, mostly thanks to ye old Trinity tradition of going to Bays on Thursday night (“Thursbays”, I’ve heard some call it). The throngs of people, the crop tops, the bros—you may have seen me there hiding under a booth, if I went at all (and if I did it was because of that darn FOMO).

All you Trinipeeps know what I’m taking about. And if you are a non Trinipeep, please don’t close this tab just yet. Because this post is about why Bays has been reborn to me 12+ months after I said goodbye to that erect red-brick tower. Bays is a big contributor to the ‘Cullough’s richness. And, in my opinon, is best experienced during the day, while the sun is still up.

Let me continue my Sunday tale…

We walked into Bays at approximately 2:30 PM. Because we wanted bloody mary’s, y’all! And on Sundays they are $3.75 and DELICIOUS. I dont know how you feel when you drink a bloody mary, but I feel like a classy bitch.

And that patio in the sunlight, amazing. We literally sat there and drank bloody marys and ate french fries for over an hour. Here’s another patio pick (not mine, from Bays Facebook but you get the idea).

There were no crop tops, no bros, I didn’t have to experience an anxiety-inducing entrance. Just me, the gals, the sun, my bloody mary. The lunch crowd was lingering so there were even some families inside. Love it.

I won’t lie to you, I really enjoy Bays these days. I went to watch football there a few weekends ago. They have pool which I’m getting better at in general. The inside looks crazy great. But I’m all about going during the day. After our last finals of college, my friends and I posted up at Bays for “Bays all Days” where we stayed there maybe from 1PM to 6PM. It was great.

Bottom line: If you live in ‘Cullough area, try out Bays on a weekend afternoon (or weekday, YoLo!) So laid back you’ll think you are in your own living room or kick-ass patio.

ALSO: If you haven’t read this article posted in the Atlantic, San Antonio’s Simple Appeal to Millennials: Diversity, Decent Jobs, and Cheap Living, you should check it out, be a little offended, and then read this and this, which are two great rebuttals about why San Antonio has more to offer Millenials than just $1 Tecate. Like “Bays all Days”!!



2 thoughts on “Reconsidering Bays

  1. Ah yes FOMO, I recall the phenomenon well. A wonderful term. Thursdays at Bays were the definition. The real fun was the before and after (especially when drunchies were involved).
    I’m glad you’ve uncovered a new layer to the this place. I’d like to experience.

    • Come to SA for new years and all your wildest dreams will come true, JLO. I remember my 21st bday when you, me, bacon, and nanners got four-horsemen shots like men. I bet they taste even better in the daylight.

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