Rain flowers: last week’s rain gave us party favors

San Antonio saw an unusually rainy week last week. Rain always throws the city into a tizzy. Drivers nurse that break pedal and grip that steering wheel with white-knuckled terror.  Gangs of omnipresent feral cats are suddenly nowhere to be found.

And mother nature brings us rain flowers!

Tiny flowered shoots of joy

Tiny flowered shoots of joy

These delicate rain presents can be found throughout the ‘Cullough hood.


Taking over businesses, your yard, your neighbor’s yard, that crack in the sidewalk you always trip on…


Making friends with other plants, like cactus.


Or cacti, as it were..


Do you live here? Want to do a house swap? Like in the movie The Holiday?

Ok yeah I like this house, I took a lot of pics, but the rain flowers look so nice there.

Call them weeds, call them simple, plain, fugly, whatever you will. I like to think they are nature’s little treat for humans after enduring a (much needed) week-long rainfest.

Stay magical, San Antonio.


In my front “yard”





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