Lunch Vacation



When you live on the ‘Cullough, you don’t just “go through the motions,” you don’t just whittle away time!

When Friday rolls around, we aren’t just going to sit around and play fun geography games on our desktop computers. No, we’re going out to lunch, ya’ll!

Enter: Beat Street.

If you remember, I had espresso there one morning (also a Friday I might add), but today the cake and I decided to venture out for lunch.

Great decision.

I got this:soup


This is the garden salad and the TOM KHA GAI, which was the soup of the day (or maybe week?).

It was a really, really good Thai soup. Spicy and creamy and the veggies tasted so fresh. And the salad was simple and perfect.

They have a couple sandwiches on the menu, and the cake got the veggie wrap which looked wonderful and she ate it all. We all ate it all.

Did we want to leave? No. Did we leave? Yes.

Well worth the trek there and back from the med center.

So, do it big today, ‘Cullough! Make it rain


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