Tailgating in the HEB parking lot

It’s that time again everyone—football season!

While fans across the country are sitting at home glued to the TV or refreshing their ESPN app every five seconds, the sports-minded of the ‘Cullough flock to our football Mecca: The HEB Parking Lot

tg welcome

Once you walk through those stacked crates…it’s game on.


The DJs were pumping up the crowd with some high energy jamz.



AS PROMISED, our friend Shaved Ice Stand was there, along with a Sun Drop trailer and a Coke trailer. I see who runs this lot…



There was also this bucket of watermelon! I was sold



Dayum gurl that’s a nice piece of watermelon.

One of my colleagues got shaved ice, naturally:



tIgErS bLoOd made from blood of a tiger!

All in all: I’d go again. There was a basketball hoop that was well-occupied, and also hot dogs for sale. A handful of neighbors were there, although I think there were more HEB employees than regular folks in attendance  But hey, if I worked at HEB I’d take my break under an umbrella double-fisting watermelon and shaved ice while listening to jamz, too.





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