Alert Alert Alert



Saturday was suppose to be THE day.

THE day I finally got shaved ice from the Shaved Ice Stand at HEB. It was hot outside, it was about 3PM, the perfect time for ice. My companion and I did a quick shop at HEB and strut outside only to see THIS:
shavedice3Technical difficulties. Closed. Sorry. Inconvenience.


We were devastated inside and out.

One positive thing the sign told us (hard to see in this picture, its in the bottom right corner) is that the real name of this icy business is ParadICE Island Shaved Ice and they are legit and have a FACEBOOK! In my mind this little ice trailer was just a bunch of shaved ice-loving nomads, but I guess they are real (and apparently have a contract with this HEB to stay a while).

So according to the official hand-written sign, they may be back open on Thursday.

But this did nothing for my colleague and I on Saturday, as we were now fixated on getting sugary ice.

Never fear! I knew another place in the hood that boasts shaved ice:

sa popsSA Pops!

I hadn’t had shaved ice from there yet…

Shaved ice at SA Pops did not disappoint! That's orange/pina colada and blue coconut

Shaved ice at SA Pops did not disappoint! That’s orange/pina colada and blue coconut


Verdict: Really great, just what you would hope for and expect. They use a cool ice funnel as you can see by the cone-shape of the ice. Quality.

We stayed in the cool AC and watched some football with the owner and his mom. By that I mostly mean we all just sat in silence and watched football but hey it was nice.

So let this be a lesson unto you…Shaved Ice at HEB is closed till at least this Thursday. In the meantime, SA Pops has got you covered for all your sno-cone/raspa/shaved ice needs.


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