Spotted (barely): wild animals

It was a quiet Sunday evening. My two companions and I were returning from a triumphant fro-yo trip. As we continued down McCullough back to the house, IT happened.

Spotted (barely): wild animals.

This is what happened:


Isn’t the ‘Cullough beautiful at night?

Two creatures (as pictured above) flew across the street, tousling  The fight looked serious. What kind of animals they were…no one is sure. I said raccoons,  Roy thought bunnies. Whatever members of the animal kingdom they were, they were not singing kum ba ya.

People of the ‘Cullough: beware of these tousling animals. Luckily they were moving so quickly that my car (as pictured above) was not in danger of hitting them. All we could do was yell and then they were gone, continuing their death match in darkness.


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