Fluffy baby pancakes tell sandwich bread to “Get lost!”

A good breakfast sandwich can really hit the spot. I love them because they combine all the great breakfast stars—eggs, meat, cheese, regret—into a few (depending on the size of your mouth and the sandwich) terrific bites.

Well, at The Bharmacy, they’ve thrown all their chips on the table.

Officially named ” Robin’s Rx Breakfast Slider”, this treasure has got your over medium egg, your sausage patty, your sliced ham, your bacon strips, and your cheese all sandwiched between not toast, not a bagel, not an English muffin, not a biscuit, not a roll, not a waffle, not a rat, but 2 petite, fluffy silver dollar pancakes. MmMmMmMmMm


Note the signature Rx on the top of the pancake

So I actually didn’t order them (I was too intimidated, I got an omelet) but my friend did and said they were glorious. He even had the brilliant idea to do some syrup dunking as evidenced by the picture above. You can order one or two. Choose wisely. I’ll be ordering them next time I stumble over to The Bharmacy for breakfast.

Just look at the fluff on those pancakes. I have been posting a lot about food lately. As they say in the Bible:

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

Happy Friday!


4 thoughts on “Fluffy baby pancakes tell sandwich bread to “Get lost!”

  1. I want to go to here and eat this so bad. When I move to SA I think I’m gonna do a challenge where I go back through your blog and partake in everything you have posted.

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