Barbaro: You Should Go

Saturday night I finally made the “trek” to Barbaro.


The Revolver, it was called


We had to wait a little…which was inevitable. It was Saturday night, after all. So we got drinks at the bar and headed down into this cozy little maybe-waiting-isn’t-so-bad area.

My drink was a mix of bourbon, Kahlua  and orange bitters. It was fantastic. Let’s all agree to put Kahlua on everything always. I think Kahlua in oatmeal would be really good. This is a real thought.


Time to sit down! We got a pitcher of beer (pretty reasonably priced!) for the four of us to share. Normally I don’t do pizza and beer together because this town ain’t big enough for the 3 of us…but I made an exception and wasn’t sorry.



We got two pizzas. I took a picture of the prettier of the two (although they were both pretty). This one is all veggies: squash, eggplant….cheese! I don’t remember what else was on it but it was GREAT! And the pizza crust, as you can see, had a really solid ratio of crunchy to chewy. I love pizza, and I do get skeptical at hip places that make pizza, but the pizzas did not disappoint at Barbaro. Next time I’m going for the kale, hash browns  and honey one. Because you only live once, ya’ll.

So the four of us split a pitcher of beer, a small appetizer of roasted cauliflower and other goodies, and two pizzas. No over was over-stuffed and no one was hungry. Perfect amount.

From the very impressive looking bar, to the unexpectedly cute maybe-waiting-isn’t-so-bad area, to the super friendly and laid-back staff, to the delicious food, my expectations were met AND exceeded!


Nigel thoroughly enjoyed himself. We had to cut him off after he started pouring his Kahlua drink on his pizza slice



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