Spying on the Neighbors

OK, I probably shouldn’t have been so creepy about this, but I HAD to take look at the newly opened Barbaro. But I wasn’t ready to commit to a meal or drink there yet (after work on a Tuesday…I can’t be bothered to do much). So I did what any curious professional would do: snapped pics on my iPhone from the car.

barbaro1You can sort of make out people inside. It was packed yesterday around 7PM. Parking spots were full and more people parking down Huisache and walking.

Good thing I have the Current to do my dirty work for me: here are a few pics of the inside and some of the FOOD, too.

The place even has a YELP review already! Also found there are pictures of the pizza menu…the one with hashbrowns, kale, and honey got an eyebrow raise but I’m not against it.

Here are a few more clues on Savor SA.

The internet has really revolutionized the restaurant biz. Being able to look up the menu of a place you’ve never been and decide what you’re getting before you even get there seems a little wrong…it takes the mystery and excitement out of the experience. BUT I do it all the time! I can’t help it! I even do it before going to boring places like Panera Bread. Now that the info is out there, it’s hard not to peak at what I might order.

I want to start free-balling it, just going to a new (or old) restaurant without looking at the menu ahead of time. What’s the worst that could happen?

Back to Barbaro….can’t wait to try! Probably this weekend. Although I’m sure it’ll be more crowded. Maybe for lunch? Maybe for just drinks? At least if I have to wait for a table I could wait at home.



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