The State of Panchitos Address

Obviously after yesterday’s post I had to break my 2 month (ish) hiatus and descend on Panchitos last night. So Cake and I hit it up.


A pleasing sight, and a sassy shoulder.

I’d now like to give a brief update on the state of the restaurant.

The State of Panchitos

  • The state of Panchitos is strong
  • It’s still hoppin’. We had to wait like 30+ min before we got sat. I see this as a positive.
  • The glasses are smaller. At first I was outraged, but then we realized that the other ones were indeed pretty heavy and made of a lot of excess glass. So maybe the amount of marg inside the glass didn’t change, just a slimmer glass. After drinking one, I didn’t sense that it was less normal.
  • The new musical entertainment (Albert) is quite a grab bag. One minute he was playing a crowd-participatory La Vaca (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and the next minute he was wailing out an instrumental-only version of “Hit Me Baby One More Time” on his keyboard. Mixed feelings about this.
  • The food was exactly as expected. You know what we got…


All in all, it was a great visit. We’ve decided we need Panchitos back in our lives, maybe once a month or so. After all, it is the only place of it’s kind on the ‘Cullough. And when the weather is less like someone’s hot breath, it’d be nice to walk there from home.


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