Celebrating the 4th ‘Cullough-Style


Last week was the big celebration of America, known as THE FOURTH OF JULY! A true celebration of summer, THE FOURTH is a fantastic holiday. How did the ‘Cullough celebrate?

Well naturally the day had to begin with Regio’s, which was pretty busy and full of red, white, and blue T shirts. Nothing says America like huevos a la Mexicana with a side of bacon/papas con chorizo/chilequiles/that amazing salsa verde. Mmm.

So after some PLL, pool, and grocery shopping, the galz and I MADE A BERRY PIE! It was BERRY GOOD!


It’s all about that lattice work, baby


While pie-ing we also grilled some delicious burgers on Cake’s George Foreman grill. They ruled. burgs

After burgs we took the fabulous bus (number 5 if you were wondering) down to The Friendly Spot to watch fireworks. The fireworks were fantastic; we had great views (AND brews)!

Proud to be an American, proud to be a Texan, proud to be a San Antonian, and proud to be a ‘Cullough girl!


This guy’s head….



Happy 4th!



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