All These Foods are Shaped Like….

The Brat

The Brat

Coconut paleta

Coconut paleta

Last night I met up with Cake and MK4 at King’s Court Frankfurter Express for some dogz. ffe

They have it all. I got The Brat which came with Dijon mustard and sauerkraut. But of course I had to hit up the condiment bar for some bright green relish, knowwhatimean! The man behind the counter said we should come back for some of his deep fried banana covered in frosted flakes put inside of a deep fried bun topped with 2 scoops of deep fried vanilla ice cream. We said OK then jumped into the deep fryer ourselves.

Just kidding, we actually then walked over to the newly opened SA Pops! Too many great-looking paletas to choose from, so I went with my historical favorite, coconut. It rocked. Go there! They also have homemade cookie ice cream sandwiches, soft-serve, shaved ice, and the Facebook page has a great picture of a banana split. It’s the closest ice cream place to my house so I know I’ll be back, jack.

sa pops


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