The Guidos are back…

Well played, Guidos

Thanks for the notice, Guido

So I was actually out of town for this…but R was sure to alert me.

Our fav pals The Guido Brothers aka the construction company working 10 feet from our castle on McCullough left R and me this thoughtful invitation to their 2 a.m. construction party. Oh wait, this isn’t a party.

My mom always said “nothing good ever happens after midnight.” Barring Dominoes delivering and HBCB, her point is proven again here.

Ok, Guidos…just because you’re throwing big fancy words at us like “expedited”, “longevity”, and “please” doesn’t hide the fact that your going to be jack-hammering cement at 2 a.m.

This is on par with their previous hi-jinx: doing “business” between 8 p.m. and midnight. And by “business” I mean just throwing huge rocks at the ground. For hours.

More to come on these kitchen-window-peering, construction vampires.

Go fist-pump somewhere else, Gueeds.


5 thoughts on “The Guidos are back…

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